A Slice of History

At Baker’s Quality Pizza Crusts®, Inc. we offer only the highest quality products tailored specifically to your needs. With our variety of skillfully prepared pizza crusts and dough balls, we eliminate the need for special training and dough making equipment, allowing our customers to provide homemade quality pizzas with minimal labor. As a local Wisconsin business, we know the value of relationships and how important it is to nurture those relationships with our customers. We began as a mid-size pizza crust manufacturer, and we remain a mid-size pizza crust manufacturer to keep our focus on the quality of the pizza crusts we make. Building on our quality and not our quantity has always been our way of life and will continue to be so through the next generations. Whether your needs are for foodservice, manufacturing, co-packing or distribution, we invite you to explore the rest of our site and see if our pizza crusts and our dedication would be a good fit for your business.

At Baker’s Quality® we specialize in small batch, custom products with a homemade feel. Our knowledgeable development team has the experience to produce your recipe or create a unique recipe that you can make your own.

Change your perception of Pizza

Baker’s Quality Pizza Crusts® has put together a list of great pizza recipes for our customers to browse through. Have a look around, print a few pizza recipes, and, most importantly, learn how to use Baker’s Quality Pizza Crusts® to enhance your menu! Mangia! Here are a few of our favorites.

Celebrating twenty years of delivering quality hand-crafted pizza crusts.


Our products are sold through a growing network of distributors, primarily in Wisconsin and the Midwest.