Topper's Pizza

"It's a really great product for the simple fact that there's not a lot that we have to do to it. It comes in frozen, it thaws out, we put sauce on it, we run it through the oven, it does its job." 

Brian Brindza

Topper's Pizza's Director of Culinary & Menu Innovation

While doing a menu and ingredient audit, Brian Brindza, Toppers Pizza's Director of Culinary & Menu Innovation, came to Baker's Quality® for help. Unsatisfied with the current thin crust at Topper's Pizza, he had a vision for what the crust could be.

Baker's Quality® brought a bunch of samples to test, but none were spot on. With a clear idea of what he wanted, Brian was able to work with our development team to create the perfect thin-crust recipe on-brand with Topper's Pizza. Looking at quality, consistency, and flavor profiles, our thin crust passed with flying colors - and their customers agree. Topper's Pizza has received great customer feedback on  the new crust and recognized Baker's Quality® as a stand-out vendor.