Moti - Masala Pizza

"Everyday we do 200 customers at the minimum. We really crank out a lot of those pizzas. Pizzas being 75% of our sales, it’s perfect for us, I think we found a good partnership there." 

Jay Patel

Founder of Moti - Masala Pizza

When Jay Patel, Founder of Moti - Masala Pizza, was confronted by the pandemic just after opening his fast-casual Indiana restaurant in 2019, he was lucky enough to discover Baker’s Quality through his vendors. Today, he claims pizza saved the business.

Moti - Masala Pizza reinvented pizza as we know it. For Jay, it’s all about layering their traditional Indian flavors on top of Baker’s Quality crusts, more so using it as a bedding. Baker’s Quality offered the perfect solution, with its naturally thin and crispy crust complementing the already incredible dishes. Being confined to a smaller limited space, having ready-made crusts also saved space in the kitchen. Since the partnership began, Baker’s Quality’s ready-made crusts have enabled Moti to sell at a much higher volume than expected, allowing them to open up more shops throughout Chicago.