Cracker Crust Flatbreads

Thin and crispy flatbreads are the perfect addition to your tasting menu. Available in a wide variety of flavors to complement unique toppings.

Shelf Life

Frozen: 120 Days
Refrigerated: 5 Days (Do Not Refreeze)

Focaccia Flatbreads

Traditional Italian focaccia flatbreads are thick and airy. Consider this an upscale pizza crust or alternative to garlic bread.

Shelf Life

Frozen: 90 Days
Refrigerated: 5 Days (Do Not Refreeze)


White Wheat : Traditional
Chipotle : Spirited combination of roasted peppers
Herbs de Provence : Versatile European blend of spices
Beer Infused : Dark beer and roasted grain
Multi-Grain : 5 grain blend