Fresh Frozen

Our most traditional crust and hometown favorite. This yeast leavened crust has a distinctive flavor that lends well to many applications. Delivered frozen, proofing is completed in your own kitchen allowing for a homemade feel.

Handling & Baking Instructions

Storage & Thawing

Keep frozen until ready to proof. To prevent breakage, avoid dropping the case of crusts on the floor or shelf. In a case, there are two bags of ten crusts each so that one bag at a time can be thawed. Preferably, thaw from frozen overnight in the refrigerator at 34°-45°, then proof at room temperature in the plastic bag for a minimum of 2 hours or until double in thickness and pillowy. The product is now ready to use and will provide the best results if used within 24 hours. If all crusts are not immediately used place them, still bagged, under 34°-45° refrigeration.


When ready to prepare a pizza, remove one crust from the pack with the waxed sheet under it and dock the crust with a dough docking roller. Docking the crust well helps to prevent bubbling while baking. Place the crust on a screen or corn meal dusted pizza peel, pull off the waxed paper and make the pizza. The crust will bake best in either a slate deck oven or a conveyor oven, both set at a temperature between 450° and 550°. Temperatures are guidelines and will vary depending on the performance of each oven. Your pizza is fully cooked when the toppings are done and the crust is a golden brown on the bottom.



Shelf Life

Frozen : 45 Days
Refrigerated : 24 Hours Proofed (Do Not Refreeze)