Cracker Crust

Yeast Leavened and Batch Proofed, our unique process creates a thin, crispy crust that allows for easy handling and immediate service. No fillers and a clean label give this crust an original, authentic taste.

Handling & Baking Instructions

Storage & Thawing

Keep frozen, but thaw at least one hour prior to use. Thaw the crusts in a plastic bag so they don’t dry out. In a case of crusts, there is waxed paper between every 10 crusts so that a portion of a case can easily be removed for thawing. Once thawed, store the crusts at 34° – 45° and use from the refrigerator. There is no need for proofing and cracker crusts can be held under refrigeration for 4-5 days. To prevent breakage, avoid dropping the case of crusts on the floor or shelf.


When ready to prepare a pizza, remove one crust from the pack, place it on a screen or pizza peel and make the pizza. The crust will bake best in either a slate deck oven or a conveyor oven, both set at a temperature between 450° and 550°. Temperatures are guidelines and will vary depending on the performance of each oven. Your pizza is fully cooked when the toppings are done and the crust is a golden brown on the bottom.


White, White Whole Wheat, Beer Infused

Shelf Life

Frozen : 120 Days
Refrigerated : 5 Days (Do Not Refreeze)