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Side Hustle
Formulated with fresh California Tomatoes and noticeable spices for a certain degree of heat and finishing sweet, our pizza sauce is the perfect complement to our flavorful crusts.
shelf life
Shelf stable for 1 year. Refridgerate once opened Refridgerated: 2 Weeks (Do Not Freeze)
Pizza & Stromboli Seasoning
Add the Pizza and Stromboli Seasoning to everything on your menu! Sprinkle it on top of your pizza or add it to sauce for an extra flavor explosion.
shelf life
1 Year Under Cool, Dry Conditions
Our garlic spread can be used in a variety of applications to give your dishes superb flavor and a beautiful golden brown color right out of the oven. Brush it on pizza, breadsticks, calzones, burger buns and pasta to make your customers’ taste buds pop!
shelf life
Refrigerated : 180 Days (Do Not Freeze, Will Separate If Not Kept Under Refridgeration)
4/10# bags : 65001/4 GARLIC SPREAD
4/1 gal : 41004/4 2/2.5 gal : 42002/2 5 gal : 45001/1
12/15oz shakers : 61012/12 ITEM NUMBER / CASE COUNT

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