Dough Done Right: Frozen assets and how to raise your profits

Highest quality with the lowest waste

In the bustling world of restaurants, where every second counts, having the right supplier can make all the difference. We’re here to show you how to maximize your pizza restaurant’s efficiency, ensure consistency in quality, and ultimately provide you with peace of mind. That starts with pre-made dough.

In recent years, we’ve seen a significant shift in dining trends for pizza-serving restaurants. Frozen pizza offers convenience and affordability, but there’s one thing that keeps people coming in: the crust. Home-made pizzas are known to “flop.” Unlike distinct hand-made restaurant pizza, the crust isn’t crisp enough. According to Mintel’s report on US Pizza, “ a substantial portion of retail pizza consumers express interest in premium toppings and unique varieties, those concepts are likely to fall flat if the crust isn’t right.” Consumers are looking for that perfectly soft, chewy, but crisp crust. We understand that crust like that takes time to craft, and in the restaurant world, every moment matters.

Hand-Made for a “Slice” of the Price

Crafting hand-made pizza is an art, a time-consuming, labor-intensive, and multi-year journey to truly perfect. Fortunately, with premade dough, you get the best of both worlds – the artisanal quality of hand-made dough without the hefty time investment. This not only saves you valuable labor hours but also allows your team to focus on perfecting other aspects of a consumer’s experience. By choosing high-quality premade dough, you’re investing in a product that reflects the care and craftsmanship of traditional methods at a fraction of the effort.

Shelf Life & Quality: Bridging Gaps in Inventory

We understand managing inventory is a constant challenge, needing fresh ingredients full of flavor. Premade frozen dough offers an extended shelf life without compromising on quality. This ensures that you always have a consistent supply of high-quality dough, minimizing the risk of running out during peak hours. With a longer shelf life, you can focus on what you do best – serving delicious pizza to your customers.

BQ Giving You Pizza’ Mind

Time is money, especially in the restaurant business. Premade pizza dough significantly reduces the time and effort required for prep work, allowing you to streamline your operations and allocate resources more efficiently. The labor savings are evident, allowing your team to concentrate on customer service and refining your menu. Consider what else you could do with the time saved. With trends constantly shifting how we do business, is it time to take a chance and offer take & bake? Opportunities are endless. Additionally, the cost savings associated with premade dough extend beyond labor – it minimizes waste, optimizes ingredient usage, and ultimately contributes to a healthier bottom line.

In the competitive world of pizza restaurants, every decision matters. Choosing the right pizza dough can be a game-changer, offering a balance between quality, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Premade pizza dough not only extends shelf life and maintains quality but also provides a hand-made touch without the added workload. As you aim to maximize your pizza restaurant, consider the advantages that premade dough brings to the table – it’s the key ingredient to achieving success one delicious slice at a time.

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